The top CCTV cameras in India in 2018

Best CCTV camera brands India

The Indian market is a tremendous opportunity for video surveillance/CCTV manufacturers as it is still growing, and the demand is high. Several foreign companies are already doing well here, and more are trying to get in. Here is a list of some of the top CCTV camera companies in India this year.

  1. Hikvision

The Chinese manufacturer Hikvision is perhaps the most popular surveillance Popular CCTV Cameras in India Hikvisioncamera manufacturer in the country. This is not just because they offer inexpensive options to customers but also because they have been able to build a network of support services. According to some systems integrators we talked to, Hikvision has customer support in every nook and corner of the country. This makes a difference in a country like India where travelling from one part to another is not easy.

Another advantage that Hikvision has is that they have been able to cater to all kinds of customers. If you want a high-quality, expensive product, they have that. If you are willing to compromise on quality for low price, the company has cheaper products too.

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  1. CP Plus

In last years’ ASMAG Security 50 Rankings, CP Plus had come in at 17, perhaps for Top CCTV cameras India CP Plusthe first time ever. This highlights the company’s growth in recent years both in India and overseas. It has a diverse project portfolio with several large-scale government and private establishments as its clients. CP Plus’s case studies page on its site lists prisons in Punjab, power plants, school buses from Zydus, and even certain offices of technology giants like Facebook and Google.

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  1. Bosch Security

Bosch Security’s CCTV cameras are expensive compared to their Chinese top surveillance cameras india boschcounterparts and are mostly in use for government and large-scale private projects. It would be rare to see a normal commercial or residential establishment use Bosch surveillance cameras. However, this doesn’t mean the German company has no market here. In fact, there is a certain amount of trust that comes with this brand. With customers who are looking for guaranteed reliability and where money is not a constraint, Bosch cameras are popular.

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  1. Axis Communications

Axis CCTV cameras too are limited to large-scale projects for the most part as top surveillance cameras india 2018 axisthe cost is a concern. A look at the case studies listed on the company website shows that their products are popular in city surveillance, large retailers like Café Coffee Day, big manufacturers like Mahindra and hospitals like Fortis. Axis Communications is a Swedish company.

  1. Honeywell Security and Fire

Similar to Bosch and Axis, Honeywell’s CCTV cameras are also sold at a premium price. This American company has a strong brand value, but the cost limits its presence to the high-end projects.

  1. Samsung

Like its mobile phones, Samsung CCTV cameras are also popular in India. They are not too expensive compared to Western brands but have a better brand-image compared to a Chinese company. For this reason, there are several customers who would consider Samsung a medium-range company. Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that this Korean company sells some of the best cameras in the country. Do note that, outside India, Samsung sells its surveillance cameras under the name Hanwha Techwin.

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