Bosch subsidiary building new ecosystem for security camera applications

bosch subsidiary launches IoT platform SAST

Security and Safety Things (SAST) has revealed plans for a revolutionary IoT platform in the security camera segment. SAST, a fully owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch, is now making an ecosystem for the creation of innovative applications that deal with security cameras.

This open and secure IoT platform will initially be targeting the security camera industry,  but the company plans to expand its reach to other sectors in the future, according to a statement from SAST. The platform will be launched in mid-2019.

“SAST introduces a new standard for the development of innovative business applications in the security and safety segment,”  said Hartmut Schaper, CEO of SAST. “SAST is creating a free operating system and a secure and scalable global marketplace to deploy and manage software solutions. SAST is closely cooperating with the recently announced Open Security and Safety Alliance to ensure an innovative and compatible platform for its members.”

A platform in response to IP market demands

According to the company, the founding of SAST was a direct response to the innovative trends being witnessed now in the IP camera industry. Rising internet connectivity and processing power at the edge are aiding the rise of solutions such as edge-based video analytics.

Within this global market, SAST expects unique software applications to come up as a major expanding segment in the coming years. One of the factors driving this growth of software application is the arrival of the new microprocessors, including so-called neuron chipsets.

Benefits include among others:

  • High-value analytics applications
  • Artificial Intelligence unlocking new security camera functionality, e.g. facial recognition
  • Possibility to install apps via updates or new app uploads, without changing the camera

Industry-first open IoT platform for camera apps in security and beyond

SAST will provide a unique B2B-software ecosystem within the security camera market. The SAST-related App Store will allow developers to build applications on an open software standard, and to market them via the SAST App Store, similar to today’s app stores for smartphone applications. Focus applications currently include:

  • Building security. Vertical specific applications for airports (e.g. face recognition, perimeter control) and retail (e.g. queue management, flow analysis) based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Applications beyond security, such as business intelligence and lifecycle monitoring (e.g. predictive maintenance and condition monitoring)

SAST will implement strict quality guidelines and security checks for new apps, as well as a stringent approval process.

As a further commitment to innovation, SAST plans to hire additional employees during the first half of 2019, with a high focus on software developers and IT skills.

SAST is set up as a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH and is part of the group’s strategic move into new, digital growth areas. Going forward, SAST plans to onboard additional investors to further open up to external stakeholders and to accelerate the success of its ecosystem.

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