CP PLUS wins award in Uttar Pradesh

CP Plus security company wins award in Uttar Pradesh

CP PLUS has won the Uttar Pradesh Pride of India Award hosted by CMO ASIA & Global Real Estate Congress. The award, which seeks to identify and celebrate outstanding brand building and marketing by organisations, individuals and teams, was given amidst industry leaders and the media.

“It is an honour to receive this award,” said Aditya Khemka, MD of CP PLUS, in a statement. “CP PLUS has had an enriching and wonderful journey of growth so far. We’ve grown manifold as a brand, of course, with our fair share of challenges and learning. But overall, it has always been a progressive road. Acknowledgments such as these uplift us and encourage us to do even better.”

Winners were evaluated not just on financial standing but also based on consumer preferences. The initiative aims to recognize brands and marketers, who have achieved extraordinary success through innovative and effective marketing practices in the region of Uttar Pradesh, and to foster marketing awareness in the professional community and inspire aspirants to achieve marketing excellence. The award also focused on educating and disseminating the importance of branding in Uttar Pradesh. 

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