FLIR announces Black Hornet Reconnaissance System

FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Surveillance System Launched - India Security

FLIR Systems has announced its Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS) that features the Black Hornet 3 nano-unmanned aerial vehicle. This is targeted at global military, government agency as well as first responder vehicle-mounted operations.

The new system is based on an adaption of the unique Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS). According to the company, this is considered to be one of the world’s smallest combat-proven nano-unmanned aerial system (UAS).

Black Hornet VRS is suitable for enabling the warfighter for better situational awareness so that threats can be detected better, as well as improving surveillance for battle damage assessment. Other benefits include pre-deployment and, route and point reconnaissance. It is also helpful in targeting the information without the personnel actually needing to leave the vehicle.

From 2011, the Black Hornet PRS has been used by over 30 nations and still continues to be one of the cutting edge solutions in combat nano-UAS space. The Black Hornet PRS system thereby enables small combat units as well as SWAT teams along with first responders. Black Hornet 3 promises improved speed and distance and is the the newest version of the Black Hornet UAV, that the company launched earlier this year.

“The Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System does offer you the situational awareness that would be unique as well as gives an understanding to vehicle operators and an added advantage is that it gives our warfighters the required safety on the battlefield,” said Jim Cannon, President and CEO of FLIR. “The Black Hornet 3-powered VRS represents the new focus of the company on ultimately delivering the full-solution technology and that we are focused towards playing a major role in modernizing the military customers.”

This VRS reaches the customers directly from FLIR or FLIR vehicle OEM partners. Currently, this is available to the military, government agencies, as well as law enforcement customers.

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