Perimeter protection solutions market set to grow over 10%: Report

India perimeter security market to grow 10%

Installers and systems integrators in the perimeter intrusion detection and prevention sector have a reason to rejoice. The latest report indicates that this sector will see strong growth in the next five years.

According to the Pune-based firm Markets Research Future, the perimeter intrusion detection and prevention market in India is set to grow at a CAGR of 10.6 percent to 2023. Increased awareness on the need for solutions and affordability are going to be some of the key factors driving growth.

The major manufacturers in this sector include the Israel-based Magal Security Systems, FLIR, Honeywell, Tyco, and even some Indian companies like Athena Security Solutions and Avon Building Solutions. Some of these companies are reportedly investing in R&D to come up with cost-efficient solutions tailored to the Indian market.

The perimeter intrusion detection and prevention market can be divided into three sections based on the components that are used. Hardware, software, and services. Among these, the hardware is the most in demand and naturally set to show the highest market share in the forecast period. The devices in this section include surveillance cameras, sensors, etc. However, the software sector could grow the most during this period.

In terms of usage, solutions can be divided into fence mounted, open area and buried underground. Sensors that make use of microwave, laser, and radar technology come under the open area division. The market can also be further divided into host-based, wireless and wired network-based.

Host-based solutions, often installed at workstations along with other applications that can monitor a network, is expected to grow at 12 percent. The wired network could rise 8.6 percent.

North and South India expectations

Apparently, the northern region of the country dominates the market with a market share that’s worth US$ 54.8 million in 2017. A CAGR of 12 percent is expected for the region in the next five years. Reasons for this expansion is the presence of major industries and increased adoption of the solutions.

Help from government bodies, the rise of tech startups and activities like mergers and acquisitions may also have contributed. Initiatives from the Defense Ministry, in particular, made a huge impact and in all likelihood will continue to do so.

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