Product review: D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-P6000LH tested

The Taiwanese company D-Link is well known for its modems and routers in India. Their smart home solutions have not seen much demand in the subcontinent yet. Admittedly, Taiwanese companies have been finding it difficult to make a mark in India lately due to competition from Chinese companies. Today we are present a review of D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera that we bought from Amazon.



  1. Extremely easy to install
  2. Decent low light performance
  3. Sturdy, good-looking product
  4. Detects sound and motion and sends alerts instantly


  1. Have to pay and subscribe to D-Link’s cloud storage to record videos.
  2. No option to record on SD card.
  3. Not enough clarity to recognise people.


On Amazon, where we bought this product from, the price was Rs. 2,499. The original price was given as Rs. 2,995. A major drawback of this product is that you have to rely on D-Link’s cloud storage to record videos. This means you have to pay extra. Subscriptions come in three packages. The basic package can support up to 3 cameras and offers 7 days storage. It will cost you about Rs. 184 per month. Premium package, that supports up to five cameras and 14 days of storage, costs about Rs. 331 per month. Finally, Pro package supports 10 cameras and provides storage for up to 30 days. This costs Rs. 737 per month.

Physical attributes

In terms of the looks, we have to admit that the D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera scores high. Made to look like a tiny cylinder, this product will definitely not be an eyesore in your home. Interestingly the company claims it has discreet IR LED. However, as you can see in the image below, there is nothing discreet about it. 

Test results

The room in which we tested the product is about 4.4 metres long and 3.6 metres wide. Equipment used for this test include a Lux metre from HTC Instruments and an iPhone 7 Plus.

  • Artificial light in the evening

The following image was taken at 8:59 PM. The light is from a fluorescent tube. Lux reading was 30.4. Although it would be difficult to get minute details from this, the camera provides enough quality to understand what is happening in the scene.


  • Infrared view

The IR view is quite pixelated but you can still make out what is happening. If you would like to use the video to recognise an intruder, this camera would not be enough. Identifying an intruder could make it easier for police or authorities to investigate an issue. Hence you might want to consider if the camera is worth the money if catching an intruder is one of your intentions.  The white spot on the fridge in the middle is due to light from a street lamp entering through the window.



  • Daylight in the morning 

The following image was taken in the morning. The curtains are drawn to allow sunlight to enter inside. Again, the results are similar to those seen under artificial light.

Mydlink app

D-Link’s app is quite user-friendly and makes the installation of the camera a simple and easy process. We tried it on iPhone 7 plus. A problem that we encountered was that at times when we opened the app, it prompted us to agree to the terms and conditions. This seems like a bug and is very annoying.


The D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera is easy to set up, looks good and can provide a basic surveillance at home. The motion and sound detection is decent enough for residential purposes. However, the fact that you have to pay for recording and retaining video may not be attractive to many customers.

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