How to turn your house into a smart home in India?

smart home solutions in india

India is facing a massive wave of a new trend – everyone wants to give a smart and attractive look to their homes. Although you must be aware of painting, decorating walls, and false-roof ceilings which offers a beautiful look to your house, these things are ordinary and are necessarily not enough.

So in this situation how would you make your house to stand different and more attractive as compared to others? An idea of converting your ordinary house to a smart home would be a modern approach.

Technologies are advancing day by day, and in this fast-moving world, you should be aware of these technological advancements and changes in trends. And smart home is one of them.

An automated house comprises the different electronic appliances which can reduce your effort and enable you to control them through your smartphone or other similar devices. Until recently home automation was considered as a symbol of royalty as only the rich people were able to afford the expensive devices.

But now the things have changed. Several companies are emerging with an aim to provide advanced, budget-friendly solutions. Due to this, the rates of home automation solutions have decreased. Now anyone can afford these devices which makes it easier to turn your home smart.

The craze of home automation 

The first ever smart automation was in a door, which allowed us to open the main door with just one button. This concept created a lot of buzzes and induced many people to get the same features in other parts of their houses.

In India, many builders are installing smart devices in their projects, to attract more customers. The demand for home automation increased at a dramatic rate when LED lights came to the market. Everyone appreciated this concept and encouraged the need for home automation.

Elements of home automation

  • Lighting

Lighting is the first thing that a smart home needs. There are various types of LED lights that have stepped into the market in recent yearssmart home solutions LED lights india

Being completely different from the ordinary lights, LEDs allows you to control its functions by using remote systems or even a smartphone. All you need to do is connect the smart LED light to your mobile, and you are good to go.

You can perform many other functions, from changing the color of the LED to managing the brightness of the lights.

Many leading companies like Philips, Syska, Crompton, etc., are engaged in the manufacture of these lights with a focus to make them available at affordable prices.

  • Security

Nowadays security is a big concern for everyone. Surveillance solutions are a crucial element to ensure safety in your premises.

Technology like a smart door camera will act a savior for your home. smart home security cctv solutions indiaIf anyone tries to break in, the camera installed on the door will immediately send a notification to your smartphone, giving you enough time to take the necessary action.

These smart cameras can also show you the outside door visuals through a screen attached to the camera inside the house.

Implementing a security camera is more of a necessity than a luxury, so make sure your home is protected.

  • Controlling appliances

Another best segment of a smart home is a wireless plug. This plug will make your work easier by making multiple machines automated. You can effortlessly control the actions of many devices with just a press.

  • Others

There are many other features that a smart home can deliver. You can make your home more automated by installing various sensors in your home. These sensors can detect your movement, and whenever you step inside a room, the sensors will detect and automatically take actions like turning on the lights.

Another feature that you can add to your smart home is voice control. Intelligent speakers who have virtual assistant installed, will help you to integrate many devices like lights, television, etc. to it and you can control their working by sending voice command to the speaker. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are the best examples for this.

All these devices are made to connect to a single controller, often called a hub. This controller keeps track of all the equipment. Technology is continuously evolving, and it has given birth to many innovations. Go along with the technology and bring change into your home.

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